UBM Ultra-Durable Floor Care System
Cut your floor maintenance costs up to 45% with the UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System.*

Whenever your flooring needs scrubbing, recoating, or stripping, it costs you money. And then there’s the downtime. That costs you money, as well as productivity.

What if you could have ultra-durable floors that help you save maintenance costs and cut downtime?

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Introducing the UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System.
The innovative floor system that cuts both maintenance costs and downtime.
No burnishing, buffing or spray buffing
The UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System eliminates the need for frequent, disruptive procedures associated with conventional finishes.
Reduces need for re-application
Virtually maintenance-free, The UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System dramatically reduces scrub and re-coating frequency.
Eliminates stripping
With proper floor preparation and maintenance, this coating will not need to be stripped.


What is the UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System? And why is it better?
High-performance coatings
Trained UBM technicians apply high-performance floor care coatings that deliver a durable, long-lasting shine. These products use water-based urethane technologies to produce a high-gloss, non-yellowing clear coating for virtually all resilient and non-resilient floors. UBM can apply the UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System on VCT, vinyl sheet, terrazzo and VAT. For other substrates, please contact UBM.
Superior life span, low maintenance, and FAST dry time
The UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System eliminates the disruptions associated with burnishing and frequent recoating, as well as the downtime and wet floors that are associated with stripping and recoating. The finish dries within 4 hours, so people can get back to work quickly.
Tough and durable
The UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System creates a long-lasting coating that withstands high traffic, unlike acrylic-based floor finishes. It also provides UV protection, water resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance. It offers excellent protection for floors in hospital ORs and patient rooms, as well as schools and other facilities with stringent maintenance requirements.
Better-looking floors, all the time
The UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System “evens out” the floor appearance cycle by providing a long-lasting, like-new finish that lasts much longer than conventional wax finishes (See graph below).




Could the UBM Ultra-Durable Floor System be right for your floors?  Just give us a call, and we’ll be glad to provide any information you need to help you decide.


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*Versus maintenance costs for conventional finishes